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pggggggg's Journal


for friends
andrew and abdul, aries, auberge espagnole, baby astird, baby hands, being old ladies, billy holiday, biting fingernails, blueberry pomegranate, calc bc, chai, chopin, cloves, cold florida, come on eileen, cravings, creepy creed, dark hair, debussy, dems, dirty rotten south, dwight, erik satie, fantastic 5, fast money, fatties, finding beauty, flat tones, food costumes, game shows, gas prices, growing away, having enough clothes, holly flax, homeless, injured toby, innocence, interviewing interviewers, johanna, kansas, kids, koo koo kachoo, lemon with mint, life is a highway, london, louis armstrong, modest mouse, mrs lovett, mullets, new york new york, no job, no vibrato, non-linear living, not having money, october-november, on stage pianos, paris, peoplewishing i was gay, puerto rican frogs, rockband, sand, sand in microscopes, sheep, singin, skewed lenses, sleep, smart stupid, surprises, sweeney todd, talking to animals, thinking in 3d, to starta thrift store, toby and emma, toy instruments, traveling, ullom, wayward son, whatever season coming next, wigging to the music, wristcutters, zooey deschanel